Monday, January 11, 2010

[Victor] Day 5 - Beer Party

After having breakfast we have been informed that we will not do any field trips today, but have lectures and discuss about our projects. The whole morning, Tanya, Dan and Ian gave us really interesting lectures, afterwards we ate and then we sat at the table and each one of us proposed the projects we are interested in. We had a long constructive discussion that fueled us up for thirst of beer! At about 6.00 pm we want to Dan's house, the "Jenga" and the party began! We had beers, music and different kinds of chips! After some beers, the dance come so there was some salsa dancing and a lot of fun! It was a nice break that relaxed us all.

We went to bed at about 23.00 pm and after inspecting (as usual) the bed and the surroundings of the bed (scorpions and tarantulas can be found in these area) I laid into my bed that was covered by the mosquito net. Right about when I was ready to switch off the flashlight, I saw a black spot inside of the mosquito net exactly over my head. I focused to see what that was and I trembled of terror: It was a huge spider, that looked really really dangerous. After the experience with the wasp, I did not wanted to take any risks at all! I jumped out of the bed and thought of ways to kill the insect. In the meantime, because of my agitation, Alex (one of the Kenyan roommates) woke up and I explained him my tragic and dangerous situation! He immediately jumped out of the bed and helped me out! After a coordinated attack on the creature, we managed to take it out, so I finally could rest without worries! I double checked my head mosquito net and the bed before actually sleeping.


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  2. Salsa dancing? Hehe, my friends usually do ballroom dancing whenever we have a beer party. You guys should have played beer pong! :) Do you have photos of those scorpions and tarantulas you saw around the bed? I want to see them! Haha!

    Rob Feckler