Tuesday, January 19, 2010

[Mayank] Occupational hazards

Last night, a moth flew into my left ear and got stuck there. The electricity had been switched off for the night and I was watching a movie with Caitlin, Monda, Jenni, and Maria about (somewhat ironically) a disc jockey who goes deaf. The moth managed to navigate to a point where I couldn't reach it with my fingers, and then decided to flap about in a frenzy, inside my ear.

I am now an authority on moth wing flapping sounds.

Fortunately, Jenni had a pair of tweezers, which Maria used to pull the little beastie out of my head, with an immensely amplified crunch as the tweezers grabbed the moth. No loss of cognitive abilities, or superpowers gained, as of this morning.


  1. you left out the part where you knocked over the beer bottles, screamed a bit and then (somewhat hysterically) kept saying "I CAN HEAR IT FLAPPING!! I CAN HEAR IT FLAPPING!!"

    also the ufo cloud.

    miss you, toto 1! hope nairobbery is treating you well...don't get your camera stolen. : )

  2. I just realized how ridiculous the whole thing must have looked if you didn't hear the flapping! Toto1 is off to the flea market today, in his best grad student garb.