Saturday, January 16, 2010

[Tanya] From solar eclipse to sunset party

Everybody was excited yesterday about the solar eclipse. We are supposed to be able to see it from about 8:20 until about 8:40. The teams are either delaying their start or going out early to come back to see it. Margaret, Mpala research center director, has provided exposed film so we can watch the eclipse. Everybody gets their cameras and films ready. It is spectacular. We were even able to take picture with the film covering the camera lens. The teams then start their day.

In the afternoon, I go out with Maria and Jenny (joined by Habiba and Monda for the day) to see their bird nest project. They are looking at different species of weaver birds and mapping out the configuration of their nests on trees to see if there is a distinction in the geometry by species. I correct a little geometry error in their measurements and am satisfied with my contribution. The driver who takes the girls to their site every day, Josef, teaches us some Swahili. “Watafiti mwenwazimu” means “Mad researchers”.

In the evening, it’s the Princeton Friday beer hour. The Jenga house (thank you Leslie Scott) is transformed again into a night club with a campfire. Dan wanted to make smores, so he has ordered marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. What we got was colored marshmallow twists, Cadbury inedible inferior grade, and digestives. Close enough ☺ We were happy. Most people had smores for the first time in their life and beer help make it go down better.

Another exhausting, sunburned, amazing, exhilarating day.

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  1. Hamjambo watafiti mwenwazimu ya nyumba Jenga! Delighted to hear that you're enjoying the house - only wish we could be there with you drinking beer and making merry.

    Somewhere in the house - in the cupboard in the sitting-room, I think - should be a game of Jenga. If you get the chance, play a game and let me know how high you get. Maybe I should start a Jenga House Jenga competition? Everyone who stays in the house during 2010 has to play a game, and record how high he/she/they reach. At the end of the year -ie by December 31st - I will award a prize to the person (people) who achieved the greatest number of layers before the tower collapsed. To remind you - the game starts with 18 layers. The current world record is 40 and 2 thirds layers. I've reached 35 layers.
    How high can you go?????

    Leslie Scott