Sunday, January 10, 2010

[Tanya] Jan 9

Princeton has a great tradition: Friday beer hour. Beats Friendly Friday UIC CS pizza ☺ We all got together at the Jenga house, where Dan, Iain and I live.

Jenga house was donated by Leslie Scott, the inventor of Jenga. It’s absolute luxury: I have my own room with a real mosquito net, we have a kitchen, and, most importantly, A REAL BATHROOM INSIDE THE HOUSE! Yeah! (Last time I stayed in a banda with a bathroom-dark place full of insects-about 20 feet away from it, which was the favorite elephant hangout space). The house has a back porch and a gorgeous view but that (the view) is true for most places here.

So, last night we all piled into the Jenga house, with 50 beers brought in from Nanyuki (and some soda). We talked and laughed for about 1 and a half hour. CS and bio people even started talking to each other. We went to the dining hall for dinner but felt there was a lot more party left in us so after dinner Dan got speakers, we came back to Jenga, put on some salsa, and at least 5 of us started dancing. Honestly, cannot tell you what the others were doing but Sebastian, Maria, Monda, Jenni, and I had fun dancing. At some point Victor, Mayank, and Qing mustered their bravery and joined in, learning merenge (did pretty well, too!) Dan arranged for the electricity to stay on a bit longer until 10:30

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