Friday, January 8, 2010

[Victor] Tanya and the Poisonopterus

While we were sitting in the library updating the blog, a flying creature disrupted our peaceful moment. Me and Tanya were the first that spotted the Unidentified Flying Object. It was a huge "Mega Poisonopterus", was about 5 - 6 cm long and looked damn dangerous. Khairi joined the group assuring that it sure is dangerous and the biologists that were there (Ian, Jenny, Qing and Caitlin) were looking at us and laughing! Mayank was somewhere in between the two groups, trying to pursue himself that the animal was harmless, so he stayed calm. The biologists looked so uninterrupted and uninterested about the fact that this thing was flying right on top of our heads. Ian was completely absorbed in his laptop, so he probably did not noticed the event and at some point when someone (of the 3 of us) suggested to take it down, he raised his head, looked at the animal, informed us that is a wasp, totally harmless and we should definitely not kill it, because we are afraid of it! We kinda of felt bad about that because he was right and we tried to ignore it as much as we could. At some point, when the creature approached us dangerously, me and Tanya began running around to escape from it. The incident broke Ian's silence, who decided to inspect the insect. While he was approaching it, he started mumbling:

- Oh my God, this is a HUGE bug! I think it can stink badly!

Initially I thought he was joking around, but when an insect expert speaks, his words must be heard! The biologists started feeling uncomfortable, Mayank joined the scared group and the creature was flying like a predator, searching for his next victim. At some point the wasp fall on the ground and started circling around and everyone started chasing the wasp to kill it. Ian was in the head of the hunt, holding a sheet of carton to defend himself. He tried one of those japanese techniques, where you are supposed to kill the fly with a sword. Instead of a sword he was holding a paper carton and instead of a fly we had a poisonous wasp. Mayank tried to capture the creature by throwing a piece of paper on top of it and throwing coins on in it. The trick did not worked, so Ian came into play: He slashed the wasp with the piece of paper into pieces! "Yeahhhh!" The wasp was dead, we were all happy and we continued our our businesses peacefully! Everything was so calm and nice and after about 15 minutes, Jenny opens up the door:

- Hey guys, there is a wasp outside.

Before finishing the sentence, the wasp evaded into the room, seeking revenge for it's BFF.
There was a moment of silence...
And then panic came! Everyone - even the biologists - were running around the room, while the wasp was gazing at the next victim. While the wasp was chasing us, it got caught in Tanya's hair, who went completely crazy - and she was absolutely right - and started shouting, screaming and running away. The wasp was still stuck there, so in her panic, she grabbed the wasp with her bare hands and throw it on the floor. Without any thought, Mayank took over, throwing a book on top of the wasp and Ian followed by punching, and hitting the book. It was a coordinated attempt in a complete anarchy, but it had a big success! The wasp was dead and Tanya was trying to calm down. After she calmed down and the adrenaline stopped pumping in her veins, she realized she was bitten by that creature! Her hand started swelling and we put some cortisone on it. Tanya did not know if she was allergic and Ian did not know how poisonous and dangerous the wasp was. Caitlin was googling and giving information about the side-effects of the bite and what Tanya should do, while Jenny went to wake up Dan. Eventually Tanya's hand was swollen - A LOT - and we all went to bed. I double checked that night my bed for insects, wore my head mosquito net and fall immediately asleep.

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