Sunday, January 10, 2010

[Tanya] Jan 5

We (Habiba, Monda, Iain, who joined us from London, and I, Tanya) landed in Nairobi and were met at the airport by the ICIPE driver holding the official ICIPE sign (quite permanent, unlike all the other hand written signs around him, so we felt important). Loaded our luggage and off we go. At the exit tollbooth from the airport a sign: “Customer has a right to proper service. If you cannot agree with the attendant please park your vehicle to the side and continue the conversation. …”

We asked the driver how far ICIPE was. “35 kilometer, about an hour or an hour and a half: there is no traffic so should be fast.”

On the way to the ICIPE guest house, the driver took the scenic route: through the downtown. “Here is the parliament”. Nice. Then some women on the corner, working. Night clubs and businesses. Looks like the industrial part of Jerusalem, Talpiot.

We arrive at ICIPE and pass out in our somewhat dilapidated but quite adequate rooms .

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