Thursday, January 7, 2010

[Victor] Day 3

The night was pretty silent, I had no problems sleeping. Fortunately the two layers of mosquito nets did their job well. We woke up at 7.00 am - that was rough - ate and then left at 9.00 am. We took a big ride around the MRC and see a lot of zebras, kudus, dik diks, giraffes, elephants, one oryx, Impalas, zebras and gazelles. Highlight of the day were two beetles rolling spherical fecal matter of an elephant to a hole that they were digging. One other interesting thing that we saw was an acacia, that was inhabited by a colony of ants. The acacia provided the ants spherical nests and the ants provided the acacia protection by attacking any herbivore trying to eat it. Dan also explained us how to differentiate between male and female zebras: "Just check the luchpack". Before going back to the camp, Dan wanted to show us the areas were scientists enclose animals in order to study them. These areas are enclosed with electric wire so that the animals cannot go out. The idea behind this is that when the animals touch two wires they get a small shock. Dan was explaining us how and why the scientists do that and he was touching one wire all the time, pointing out that if you touch only one wire you do not get electrocuted. After that Dan drove us to another enclosed fenced, that had wires only up and down, so that zebras can pass and elephants and giraffes cannot. On the upper wire, small wires were hanging, the so called "Dingle Dungles", as he explained. While he was explaining in a cool and calm matter, he touched them and got a small shock! It was another funny moment, but fortunately he was ok. After Dan's shock, we came back at the camp at 1.30 pm, ate, rested for 10 minutes and then the lectures began! Initially Dan lectured, explaining how rain effects vegetation and vegetation effects the animals that are going to leave in an area. Tanya followed lecturing a small introduction in Computer Science for the Bio students, explaining what algorithms and graphs are. Again we rested for 10 minutes and left at around 5.00 pm for the second trip. Dan drove us to Clifford, that was a really beautiful rocky hill. In our way we had some really close elephant encounters and saw two warthogs. Ian's car saw a big hippo and they tried to chase them. We lost radio contact with them, after having the following conversation with him:
- Papa one, we just saw a huge hippo.
- We are gonna - HOLY SHIT - chase him !

We arrived at Clifford just before dusk and Dan together with a local guy took us into a small hike up the Clifford rock. The hike was gradually converted into a rock climbing and after some effort we reached the top of the Clifford. The view there was amazing and we took some nice pictures. During the descend, we met a 13 old child, named James. The girls loved him and were talking with him all the way down, so I thought that he is the right age to start becoming a "player". I proposed him to go tomorrow to the school and kiss the girl that he likes! The girls went completely crazy, telling him not to do that, but I think I changed his perspective of life with my advise. Will see.

We went back at the camp at 7.00 pm, ate dinner and we were expecting another 10 minute break and then lecture again and we felt so relieved when we were informed that we are free! I went for a shower, had an encounter with a huge wasp and then while I was relaxing in my bed, Khairi went in pale white, shouting that there is a huge bug in the toilet! He took our other roommate, Alex, to exterminate the bug and after 3 minutes Alex came back with a smile on his face. What Alex did not see and I did, was that the wasp followed him into the room. I shouted to him to look back and kill the flying object, he began spraying it and the insect went completely mad and started chasing him. Alex started shouting and spraying everything, I was ready to wear my mosquito net into my head and waited for the predator with my slippers on the hand. Eventually Alex managed to flank the creature with his shoe. Another adventure with a happy ending :)

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