Tuesday, January 19, 2010

[Tanya] Random thoughts

* Guano has a sweet smell
* Male nematodes have a curving tail but females do not
* It is very hard to get moths out of your computer's vents
* Lions have spots
* Sausage ants look like wasps
* Lions eat cheetah (if they can catch)
* Rocks can cut tires
* Hyena sounds like a pigeon on steroids
* Sheep have LOTS of ticks
* Africans can get sunburned (but not as much as everybody else)
* Plains zebra make a whiny barking sound
* When bargaining for a price of a trinket, offering a pen or a hat (as requested) does not bring the price down
* Everybody can live without a TV for 2.5 weeks
* Giraffes fight (viciously) by swinging their necks very slowly (you can work out the physics)
* Everybody likes gum
* Zebras are not domesticated because they are insanely aggressive towards each other

1 comment:

  1. Enjoying your commentary and posts, immensely. Reminds one of the years spent in Africa, Gods Must be Crazy, and Gerald Durrell ... I remember being chased by an elephant, in southern Africa. It's fun narrating it, once it's over :)