Saturday, January 14, 2012

[Tanya] Notes and notable sayings

- Characteristic sunburn of working on a laptop in the middle of Africa: from the wrists down the hands
- You have to attach bright tape to camera trap keys, in case you drop them into the grass
- You should take doxycycline (antibiotic which works to prevent malaria, Q-fever, anthrax, etc.) in the evening: otherwise you may get so sun sensitive that in 10 minutes flat you will get sun stroke.
- You must cover your computer when leaving it to charge at night so you don’t get insects inside it
- Keep the car engine running while putting on camera traps, in case the elephants fighting near by decide to turn their attention to you
- Between a statistically optimal experiment design and nature, nature always wins
- What looks like fungus on acacia trees is actually midges
- When you break a euphorb it has “milk” which quickly becomes sticky. It is poisonous and will give diarrhea from just three drops
- Something around here smells like a skunk but there are no skunks in Africa. Haven’t met anybody yet who knows what it is
- Don’t touch your eyes if you have touched a Nairobi fly: the eye will swell shut

“There is a moth in my coffee.”

Catherine: “Tanya, don’t move your feet: my praying mantis is on your pants”

Islam: “These impala are too close to photograph”

Dan, while driving through Ol’Pejeta conservancy with Jason, Islam, Emma, and Tanya (me) on the roof and waterbuck, impala, Grant’s gazelles, warthog, and zebra all around: “What is everybody doing?”
Tanya: “Taking pictures”
Dan: “I mean the animals. See? The waterbuck are ruminating”

Islam, while trying to figure out why a computer on Ol’ Pejeta is so slow: “I am going to delete all the videos, but not the personal ones.”

“We couldn’t get enough camera traps up because the elephants where fighting”

Alessandro: "I can't do this transect straight, there are too many melliferas there"

"Is this fence electrified? Let's check!"

Victor: "Go around the ant trail, your shadow is in the camera view!"

Iain: "Lets paint ants' antennae and eyes and see what happens"

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