Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[Alessandro] Last days in Kenya.

Our Kenya trip is sadly coming to a closing. Today the Princeton students leave, while the UIC troopers will leave tomorrow. The fact that this makes me feel sad is indicative of how great this experience has been.

On sunday we went up to the village for a soccer game and to distribute some candies and little gifts we had for the children. They literally went crazy and almost assaulted us at the first sight of bubble gums, but thanks to the help of the mothers we managed to have a fair distribution! The women collective was selling hand crafted items, so we also got to do some shopping, and we played with the kids while watching the soccer game. Interacting with them was extremely rewarding.

Giving out candies to the kids.

Marco tossing a little girl in the air!

In other news, some of us went out on a game drive with Matt last night. We were so lucky to see a couple of animals that apparently are some of the rarest spots around here: one aardvark running through the grass and a couple of almighty honey badgers on our way back to the research centre!

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