Saturday, January 4, 2014

[Eva] First impressions from a first timer

This whole place is one big ant colony. Not that it’s particularly horrible (our house in the USA is pretty similar), but the ants are everywhere. They seem especially attracted to my soap… I’m sure all of you would rather hear about all of the animals we saw, but this seemed to be an easy place to start.

We (my mother, father, 2 workers here, and I) went on a game ride yesterday. I got to sit on the roof, which was probably rather dangerous, but it was worth it. Besides, what fun is life if you don’t take risks? We did see quite a few animals (giraffes, zebras, and an elephant, to name a few), but what really stood out to me were the dik-diks. They are tiny antelopes that are adorable with the biggest eyes and the most amusing habits. They come in pairs, mostly, but at one point we saw three, and we joked that one of them was a “third wheel.” It’s really nice here (intentional stab at anyone with snow and/or temperatures below freezing) and we’ve been outside whenever we can. Over and out!

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