Monday, January 6, 2014

[Eva] Counting dik-dik

1 dik-dik, 2 dik-dik; red dik-dik, blue dik-dik. Well really, more like 1,000 dik-dik… Honestly, I should count dik-dik to get to sleep, rather than sheep. Sheep cause Q-Fever, dik-dik don’t. Do I really want to get Q-Fever in my sheep? No, so I should count dik-dik in my sleep instead of sheep. Hey, that rhymed! I can rhyme in time! ☺

There is a starling staring at me as I write. Its habits are sort of adorable. I wonder what the tags on its legs are for? (I’ll be back)…(I’m back!) My mother said that they are probably just for research, nothing interesting. :P

According to this National Geographic book on mammals, apparently there are 19 orders of mammal species. However, the book says that there are “thousands of species of mammals,” which is not very specific.

I feel as if my father will write a play-by-play, amusing description of what we did today, so I am free to write what I like really. I am going to write until the end of the page, and then I will stop.

I learnt some Swahili words from our driver, Jackson, so I can sort of talk to some of the people here (not really, but that’s what I like to think). I like the way Swahili words sound and feel in my mouth, however strange that sounds.

It’s really dusty and sunny here, so I always feel dry and dusty, but also sticky from the sunscreen, which kind of sucks. I am at the end of my page now, so Over and Out!

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